A new dawn for t-square.

July 29, 2013

I’ve been down for a long time, but I’m ready to get back into the community of science and technology. A new surge of articles and possibly a new design are coming to t-square. A possible book or lecture series? Read on.

TeXLive 2012 on Ubuntu 12.04

October 1, 2012

After years of wrestling with the out-of-date TeXLive packages with Ubuntu and Fedora, I started simply using the official TeXLive packages. It is easy and highly pleasurable to have completely up to date packages and a full set of package maintenance tools.

Beginning Atmel AVR Development in Linux using AVR-Eclipse, AVR-GCC and AVRDUDE

March 22, 2012
Beginning Atmel AVR Development in Linux using AVR-Eclipse, AVR-GCC and AVRDUDE

For a beginning AVR developer with more typical platform programming experience, introductory information can seem scattered and sparse. There are a lot of programming tutorials, but since many people develop on Windows using AVR Studio, getting started using Linux can have a steeper learning curve. This article aims to be a complete introduction to setting up the hardware and software IDE for developing for the AVR platform.

A Library for Using the Wii Nunchuk In Arduino Sketches

February 10, 2012
A Library for Using the Wii Nunchuk In Arduino Sketches

There are several available libraries for communicating with the Wii nunchuk. I somehow found something lacking in all of them, so I wrote wiinunchuk.h for my projects. It is inspired by Tod E. Kurt. but my wiinunchuk.h boasts more powerful features and a more flexible API.

Canadians take a stand against online spying

September 15, 2011

The government is trying to ram through an anti-Internet set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan is to…

Review: Solomon SL-30 Soldering Station

July 26, 2011
Review: Solomon SL-30 Soldering Station

About two months ago I bought a Solomon SL-30 from a1parts.com, the online store for A1 Electronics here in Toronto. I chose that station after a lot of research, despite not being familiar with the name. This review is not based on a series of cleverly designed test, but just my day-to-day use of the station for soldering connectors, wires and even a little PCB work.

Convert CPMD TRAJECTORY for tfreq Autocorrelation and Vibrational Density of States

May 26, 2011

Recently, I’ve been getting a few of people wanting to use tfreq, autocorrelation and vibrational density of states to analyse data from CPMD. tfreq is written to process output from Quantum-ESPRESSO‘s cp.x output. The two options are to modify the source file tfreq.c to read the new input, which could be difficult for someone inexperienced […]

I’m Voting Pro-Internet

April 29, 2011

In case you don’t already know, the big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Canada want to start billing Internet usage by the byte. Anyone with a smart phone is familiar with this system. For anyone who lives on the Internet, as most twenty-somethings and younger tend to do these days, this could easily become prohibitively expensive.