Volunteers Needed: Open Textbooks to Aid in South Africa

I haven’t been posting much new content lately, because I am doing a complete redesign and reorganization of t-square. Now, Mark Shuttleworth has posted an urgent request on his blog, asking for scientists and mathematicians to volunteer for editing of open-content science and mathematics textbooks which will be used for education in South Africa. This is urgently needed due to a teachers strike which could effect the education of millions of children.

There is a very unfortunate deadline (Wed 01 Sep, 2010, as I understand it). I am volunteering my time to help edit the grade 12 physics text. I will be trying to do as much as I can before this deadline. As a result, there there will be further delays in content being added to t-square, and the long overdue overhaul.

These textbooks have liberal licenses, and can be used to educate children around the world. The books can be downloaded, modified and printed without royalties. Governments can educate their children with these books at no cost but that of printing. Curious children who want to learn can download them an enrich their minds. This is exactly what the world needs!

I urge those with post-graduate degrees in science or math to step in and lend a hand. As learned members of the World’s small scientific community, what higher calling could there be for us than the inspiration and education of our children?

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  1. gabi says:

    hi! i just read your post and i’m very interesting in collaborating since i have experience with wikis and collaborative learning environments
    however my main field of studies is social sciences, do you think i can contribute anyway?
    please let me know :)
    cheers from argentina

    • Tim Teatro says:

      Thanks gabi,

      Unfortunately, the deadline is past. I’m not working on the project much any more, although I did leave my name as a willing author.

      I would encourage you, however, to email Bridget Nash, and let her know of your generous willingness to help. For all I know, they are in desperate need for social science editors/authors. (Or perhaps not.) But it can’t hurt to have your name in there, right?

      Thanks again for your interest.

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